Blisshaus Top-Off Service

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Your life is busy - perhaps too busy to carve out that big trip to the bulk bin section at your nearest co-op.

That's where the Blisshaus Top-Off Service comes in. Think of it as the 'Plastic-free Amazon Fresh delivery brought to you by one of our lovely team members. 

We will go to the store for you with your list of pantry goodies, fill them into our grain sacks or fully compostable brown paper baggies. Then we'll bring them to your home and will fill your pantry with all the goodies.

Of course, at this time we also tidy up as needed. We'll vacuum any drawers and shelves we find need a little TLC (hey, life happens and crumbs are here to crumble, it happens to the best of us!)

We find that it takes only 2-3 runs to the coop per year to keep a pantry well stocked for a family of 4.

So, send us your list and let us dig into the bulk bins for you.

We simply charge the time spent by our team plus the straight cost of the groceries.

You'll see, that buying from the bulk bins actually saves quite a bit of money, savings you can apply directly to the helping hands of our Top-Off team. Check out the cost of a pound of bulk-bin gluten-free flour at $2.49 vs. the same pound in the branded plastic baggie for $4.29!  Let us capture those savings for you as you also save the planet from more plastic. Now that's a win-win.

NOTE: This service is currently available in the larger Bay Area, Los Angeles and South Carolina.