In-Person Pantry Refresh (For Installed Blisshaus Kitchens Only)

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Dear Blisshaus families - 
We heard you: you asked for a KPantry Refresh service and here it is!

As we go about our busy days, things move around, taste buds change, and kids go off to school (be it pre-school or even college...sniff, sigh.)  As a result, your pantry needs to change a little bit, too. This is why we are launching the Pantry Refresh.  

When you sign up for the Pantry Refresh, we will come in with a team of 2-3 to spruce up your kitchen and make it feel like new. We will update any jars and labels as needed. We will even wipe down cabinets and drawers!  

So whether you are tired of your quinoa jar or have given your favorites to your college freshman, let us give your kitchen that deep cleaning and refresh.

The Pantry Refresh includes 

  • Replace labels on jars as needed
  • Add/delete jars as needed (extra jars billed at retail price) 
  • Clean your shelves and drawers
  • Re-organize anything that needs a nudge
  • Add any extras you might want like our sponges, scrubbers, etc. (items billed at retail price)
  • Once we are in your kitchen, we will also create the shopping list to top off your jars (see Top-Me-Off Service!)

There are three levels of refresh:

  • Small: Just a few, new labels and nudges
    This is a team of 2 for 2-4 hours plus up to 24 jars/label combos.

  • Medium: A day of sorting out all flotsam that has accumulated and lining things up that got out of kilter
    This is a team of 2-3 for a 4-6 plus up to 24 extra jars.

  • Large: The full deep-clean that you just can't get to on a day-to-day basis.
    This is a team of 2-3 for 6-8 hours plus up to 36 jar/label combos.