Online Full Kitchen Makeover

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If you are ready to spend 3-5 full days organizing your kitchen, dive in with our full kitchen makeover.

Whether you are living in a snug apartment in the city or in a large home in the burbs, we know we can help you set up the kitchen of your dreams. After organizing and blissing dozens and dozens of kitchens, we have quite a few tricks in our treasure box of magic makeover moves. And yes, we'll share the right ones with you as part of this Makeover collaboration with you.

We will start with our video assessment and develop the complete kitchen makeover action plan for you. This plan includes time estimates for each task, so you exactly what to tackle when and how long it'll take. Just as every family is different, your kitchen needs are unique. This is why our action plan will be tailored to your lifestyle needs. Everything will be thought through your food storage, your dishes, your kitchen utensils, cookware, and appliances. 

This online makeover is a 5-part video session:

:: 1 ::  Workflow Assessment  

We start with a video call where you show us your entire kitchen including your foodstuff plus every other cabinet and drawer and nook and cranny in your kitchen.
We'll talk about your cooking habits, how you do your chores and what goals you have for your kitchen. We will review what your pre-quarantine habits were like and how you had do adapt during our days of huddling-up-at-home.

We then create the complete kitchen action plan for your kitchen including your food storage, your fridge, you kitchen tools, cookware, dishes, appliances, and even under-the-sink cabinet. We will outline the work steps you should take to organize your space without causing complete overwhelm for yourself or your family. Each work step will have time estimates and the sequencing of events so you have a functional space at the end of the day, even when the makeover takes several days.

The session typically takes 60-90 minutes with you plus our time to document your action plan.

:: 2 :: Action Plan Review

We will get together in a video conference to review our recommended action plan for you. This is a detailed plan with time estimates and sequencing so that you can identify what you will do when and maybe even with whom! Some of the tasks will be perfect for kids and others will be best accomplished alone. 

This session typically takes 60 minutes.

In this session, we'll identify with you if you need any jars. You might literally have everything you need to set up your kitchen with a much better workflow - you'll be amazed! 

:: 3 :: Makeover Days 1-5

When you makeover your kitchen, you are likely to spend 30-40 hours of hands-on work in your space. As a result, we will connect via video conference for each of your makeover days. We'll help you get organized in the morning via a 15-minute video call and then will check-in for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times throughout the day to answer questions, cheer you on, and admire your results. 


Note: If you need jars for your pantry and/or certain workflow spaces like the under-the-sink setup, you will have to order jars separately. We'll help you identify just want you need in our Action Plan Review.