Online Blisshaus Action Plan: Your DIY Full Home Detox

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Beware: Living the Blisshaus-way is addictive!  We find that many of our families catch a veritable cut-the-plastic bug. For them, getting rid of wasteful plastics in their kitchen ends up not being enough. They call us back to help them take the near-plastic free mission into every room of their homes.

In addition to wanting to eliminate the ugly plastics, they realize that the materials and products they use could include additives and chemicals that are no good for their health. Then there are the potential energy savers such as new light bulbs and high-efficiency appliance.  Greenifying your home can quickly become overwhelming. 

This is where our Full Home Consultation comes in. This is our consultation with you and a personalized roadmap on how to set up not only your near-plastic free kitchen but also get rid of plastics in your laundry room, under your sink, your kids rooms and so on.  We are, of course, going to make strategic exceptions (yep, yours truly still indulges in the occasional bag of potato chips). However, you'll be surprised just how little plastic we need in a home. 

For this consultation, we will visit with you in your home either in person or via a video call and walk through your space together so that we can identify your priorities.  We help you evaluate whether you want to focus on detoxing your home from harmful chemicals vs. focus on eliminating all the energy-sucking light bulbs and efficiency leaks first.

Based on your family's needs, we then identify your biggest wins. We will create a phased action plan for your space. The plan includes our room-by-room best practices. Some of the ideas are quick projects you and your family can pull off yourselves. Some projects will take more time and you can hire our team to Bliss-out your space for you.  

The session typically takes 90-120 minutes with you plus our time to document your custom action plan.

NOTE: Half of this consultation fee will be applied to your Blisshaus makeover when we move forward.