Online Pantry Makeover

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During these days of quarantine, we are offering our pantry makeover in an online version where we walk you step-by-step through our process.

In this session, we will review the foods you have in your kitchen and determine the optimal storage spot for your food. We will help you measure your space and calculate the number and size of jars you need to convert your shelves and drawers of boxes and baggies into the streamlined, clean, and efficient shelves of your dreams.

This online makeover is a 3-part video session:

:: 1 ::  Kitchen Assessment  

We start with a video call where you show us your kitchen. 
You get to share your kitchen space with us and we'll talk about your cooking habits and goals plus review how and where you're storing your food today.

We then create the kitchen action plan for your pantry. We will help you calculate the number and size of jars you need and outline the work steps you should take to do your own makeover without losing your mind. 

The session typically takes 60-90 minutes with you plus our time to document your action plan.

:: 2 :: Action Plan Review

We will get together in a video conference to review our recommended action plan for you. This is a detailed plan with time estimates and sequencing so that you can identify what you will do when and maybe even with whom! Some of the tasks will be perfect for kids and others will be best accomplished alone. 

This session typically takes 60 minutes.

After this session, you'll place your order for jars if you choose to set up your forever pantry. If you are not ready to dive in for your full overhaul, there'll still be plenty of pantry makeover steps you can do to achieve efficiency and better organization.

:: 3 :: Makeover Day

This is the day you dive into your makeover. We'll help you get organized in the morning via a 20-30 minute video call and then will check in for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times throughout the day to answer questions, cheer you on, and admire your results.


Note: You will have to order jars separately after our Action Plan Review if you want to set up your pantry with jars. The typical kitchen requires 60 - 90 jars depending on space and the array of foods you like to store. We are offering a Quaranteen Pantry with extra jars for long-term storage of your favorite shelf-stable foods. This pantry includes 10-40 extra jars depending on the size of your family.