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Start Here: Consultation + Proposal

Regular price$ 250.00 Sale price

Start Here: Consultation + Proposal

Regular price$ 250.00 Sale price

The first step to blissing-out your kitchen is our consultation with you in your own home.

For this, we will come to your home in person or meet via video call. You will share your kitchen with us and we'll talk about your cooking habits, food storage and goals for your space. 

After our meeting, we create a proposal tailored for you and your space.  The proposal will include time and materials and can include your fridge, laundry or any other space you'd like us to bliss.  

The session typically takes 60-90 minutes. 


Did you know?

We ship all our jars and products plastic-free. Alwyas have and always will. Take that behemoth online vendors and big box stores.

We ship ground in order to minimize our footprint. Yes, this makes us slower at times than the need-this-instantly online stores but we know our jars are worth the wait. Note that we do offset our carbon footprint with our shippers.

We know you'll love your jars. And they will last you a lifetime. This is why we promise you a lifetime of label refreshes should your tastes change or a label get smudged in a cooking extravaganze. Email and we'll hook you up with your replacement labels

The planet is running a red, hot fever!

So Quick: tell 2 of your friends they need to start doing the Blisshaus thing like you are!

We need you to convince only 2 friends to join the Blisshaus way in order to reach exponential growth and make our movement HUGE enough to have significant impact.

When you do, we'll send you a Thank You gift, so be sure to tell them you sent them.

We create jobs for part-time working mommas and sheroes in order to helps us all balance work & family & studies. By buying Blisshaus, you support women who are juggeling it all. Thank you!


We ship 100% plastic-free. Always have and always will be. Take that big box stores and big fat online vendors.


Jars are heavy - so yes, shipping costs are high. However, when we bundle jars into big boxes, you help us save shipping materials & gasoline. So we make shipping orders over $200 free to you as a thank you.

Lifetime Membership

Once you have your jars, we know you'll keep them forever. Literally. But if you ever need a new label, simply email us at Once a Blisshaus customers, always a Blisshaus customer.