Blisshaus Core Kitchen Makeover

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Let our Blisshaus designers and home organization gurus bliss-out your kitchen for maximum cabinet appeal.  We will sort your cabinets, scrub the shelves and arrange gorgeous yet logical layouts. You will be wow'ed by the newly-found practicality and stunning looks of your kitchen. Our full-service makeover includes:

  • 60-minute in-home assessment with home organization expert
  • Custom kitchen layout optimized for your home's workflow
  • Over 60 containers and jars for your custom set-up
  • Over 60 labels for your pantry inventory (you select your labels or customize your own after placing your order)
  • 60 gorgeous recipe cards for easy meal planning
  • Your custom shopping plan
  • 14 shopping bags and glass containers for plastic-free shopping
  • In-home set-up session with 2-3 Blisshaus designers to clear the required shelf space, give it a good scrub, set up and fill the jars (and yes, we will streamline your fridge, too); the typical kitchen takes 16-20 hours of hands-on work by the Blisshaus team - we double or even triple up to get in and out of your kitchen within a day.
  • Full-service recycling and composting and donating of clutter items
  • Our signature 'finishing touch' surprises 

When all is done, you are in for a treat: the BIG Reveal!  
This is when we walk you through your new set-up and give you the scoop on how to use your fabulous new, waste-free kitchen. 

Start planning your next party now - for you know, everybody just hangs out in the kitchen anyways. With your Blisshaus makeover, you'll be the hostess with the mostess.