Recipe Card Holder

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Now that you have your pantry all set up, get cooking with our pantry-ready recipe cards. Each set of 12 recipes is tune to the season and includes 20-, 30-, and 40-minute meals.

Our recipes are written to guide you along step-by-step. As a result, even your kids can pull of these fabulous dishes.

We spread the deck in front of our kids and let them pick what meals they want before we head to the farmers' market to buy the needed fresh veggies.

The baking sets include delectable cookies, cakes and small treats like muffins and cup cakes.

The cards are postcard sized and you can write on the instruction side in case you want to personalize the meal. We also provide you with our pantry poster with each set of recipes. The poster let's you pin-point easily what veggies you want to cook with and how long each recipe takes.

Ready-Set-Go: get dinner on the table in as little as 20 minutes!

Start with one set or get them all: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter plus the Baking Set and Holiday Baking Set.