About Blisshaus: The big WHY

Living in a beautiful home is lovely.
Living in a beautiful home that helps save the planet is even better.

At Blisshaus, we are passionate about setting up gorgeous kitchens. 
Our reason for doing this is not simply that they are organized and pretty.

Here is our big WHY we are doing the work we are doing:

Rachel's Blisshaus Kitchen



Like most of us, we, too, want to live lightly on this planet earth. 
But we also don't want to live like frumps and sacrifice our sense of style doing the green thing. That's why we curate and create the most beautiful home solutions for ourselves and you, our community of 'Bliss Buddies.'

We started with the kitchen pantry and here's why:

We waste food

    • $131 billion of food is wasted each year in the U.S., about 30-40% of the total supply
    • The average family of 4 throws away over 1,160 pounds of food a year at a cost of around $1,500 - $2,000
    • Our grannies did do better: The amount of food waste has doubled - as in increased by 100%!! - in the last 40 years
    • Food waste makes up more than 20% of what's in landfills and is a significant source of methane gas as it rots
    • Wasted food accounts for 35% of freshwater consumption, 31% of cropland and 30% of fertilizer usage... sigh... want more info? Brace yourself and go here: NPR Food Waste Scoop

We waste packaging

      • Food packaging accounts for almost 2/3 of our total packaging waste 
      • Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour
      • Recycling plastic is difficult and toxic - so much so that the U.S. exports 70% of plastic waste to China where a lot of it lands on Chinese landfills - talk about bad karma!
      • Americans throw away enough aluminum cans to rebuild our commercial air fleet every three months 
      • Throwing away one aluminum wastes as much energy as if that can were 1/2 full of gasoline

      We waste time

        • On average we spend 6.5 hours a week shopping with 3-5 runs to the store per week
        • ... and we don't even have to begin to explain how tedious the task of taking out all the garbage is.
        We saw ourselves in these statistics and we didn't like it one bit. How many times had we thrown away a crisper drawer full of soggy, moldy produce? How many times had our grocery cart been filled more with cardboard and plastic than whole foods?

        But what finally tipped the scale for us was learning about the islands of plastic waste floating in our oceans. One island in the Pacific is almost the size of Texas!
        We knew we had to do something, but because we're busy working moms and professionals, we didn't know how we could prepare a meal without the convenience of packaged goods? 

        So we sat down together to devise a foolproof system. It had to be both easy to maintain and irresistibly beautiful. Because if it's not stylish, why bother?

        Then, after months and months of experimenting, we did it! We landed on the perfect system.

        We, along with our Bliss 'Buddies', are now using our Blisshaus pantries daily and we're continually amazed at how much time and money we save. Along with the mountains of trash we no longer roll to the curb.  All of a sudden weeknight dinners are fun to prep and spur-of-the-moment entertaining is a cinch.

        We can't wait to show you how to live stylishly and sustainably at the same time.
        We'd love to hear from you!