We are so excited you are here to join our movement: The Blisshaus movement of living the new, old way - with less waste, (near) zero plastic, and tons more bliss. 

Getting there is simple: First, organize your kitchen the Blisshaus-way and then skip buying anything wrapped in plastic.  

Sounds simple enough, you say, but maybe not all that easy, right?

How on earth do you run a household without zippy bags and plastic wrap and produce in plastic bins and bags?  You might be thinking: How do I wrap leftovers, my veggies and bread?  What about my kids' applesauce cups and school lunches?  And how do I buy meat & dairy without plastic?

We got you covered!  

As you venture onto your Blisshaus journey, there are a few tips and tricks we love to share.  None of them are rocket science. However, they are little routines and ways of doing things that most of us have all but forgotten.  
After all, household plastic has been around just about 60+ years - so oftentimes it's only our grandmas who remember how to make do without plastic packaging.

Take a look and find out how simply AND easy AND stylish it can be to cut the plastic and add back massive joy to your family routines.

The videos below show you how we live the Blisshaus way. Check back in as we add more over time.  

How to set up your Breakfast Pantry  -  HouseBeautiful Kitchen of the Year


How to set up your Core Pantry  -  HouseBeautiful Kitchen of the Year



How to set up your Baking Pantry - HouseBeautiful Kitchen of the Year


How to set up your Drawers & Fridge  -  HouseBeautiful Kitchen of the Year



How to save your ripe bananas