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It Feels Like Magic


Everything looks so beautiful now.  Guests actually gasp when they open a cabinet.

Laura C., Berkeley CA

I am so proud about how little plastic packaging we now use. Our garbage and recycling bin are no longer bursting  - Amazing!

Lilian B., Oakland CA

The way you rearranged our cabinets is brilliant. Doing the dishes is so much easier.

Gerald B., Lyon, France

I feel so much calmer now that everything is so organized. 

Rhetta R., Marin CA

You saw ways to set up our kitchen that we would not have thought of ourselves.

Jennifer E., London, UK


Store more food in your cabinets & drawers

From small apartments to large homes, we help you maximize your storage space

Cook delicious foods fast

Pantry-ready recipes on your labels save time

Improve order and organization

Gain a sense of calm as you streamline your space

As seen in

Shop for Jars & Sign up for Makeovers

During lockdown, we can support you via video sessions.
It'll be a fun and rewarding project.

My husband was skeptical but he LOVES the order of things. 

Liesl R., London, U.K.

I was embarrassed to share my messy kitchen, but your team was so sweet and put me at ease.

Amy F., Oakland CA

Where we live we can't shop plastic-free, BUT thanks to our jars we will waste way less food.

Devy S., London U.K.

The order is bliss enough. Being less wasteful is an amazing bonus.

Jen E., London U.K.

Hallo & Willkommen

Pretty Pantries with a Purpose

Whether you set up a full-service makeover or start clearing the plastic one tub at a time  -  in the end, we hope you join our movement of living the new, old way.

It's as simple as one rule:

Just Skip The Plastic...

whenever you buys something.

It's one thing you can start today to shift the way we live on this planet. Make it a game with your kids. You'll find yourself buying more locally and seasonally, eating healthier, and living in more style. Enjoy the beauty it generates in your home & life. 

All of us skipping plastics every day will make a significant difference. One kitchen, one family at a time!