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It Feels Like Magic


Everything looks so beautiful now.   Guests actually gasp when they open a cabinet.

Laura C., Berkeley CA

I am so proud about how little plastic packaging we now use.   Our garbage and recycling bin are no longer bursting  - Amazing!

Lilian B., Oakland CA

The way you rearranged our cabinets is brilliant.   Doing the dishes is so much easier.

Sebastian D., Oakland CA

Hallo & Willkommen

Pretty Pantries with a Purpose

Whether you set up a full-service makeover or start clearing the plastic one tub at a time  -  in the end, we hope you join our movement of living the new, old way.

It's as simple as one rule:

Just Skip The Plastic...

whenever you buys something.

It's one thing you can start today to shift the way we live on this planet. Make it a game with your kids. You'll find yourself buying more locally and seasonally, eating healthier, and living in more style. Enjoy the beauty it generates in your home & life. 

All of us skipping plastics every day will make a significant difference. One kitchen, one family at a time!