5 Easy Ways to Skip Plastic In the Store - Tips #1 - #5

Article published at: Mar 25, 2024 Article author: Wiebke Liu
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As you know, our one, simple Blisshaus rule for the grocery store is:
Just...   skip...   the plastic!
Simple? Yes!
Not so much, right?

Picture this: you walk into the store, determined to steer clear of plastic, and suddenly it's everywhere! Plastic bags for your apples, liners in cereal boxes, shrink-wrap on cheese... It's like a plastic jungle out there!

But fear not, plastic-free shopping is totally doable. And after just a few trips, finding those plastic-free gems will become as easy as pie! 🥧 ( hurray to the local pie company that packs their pies in cardboard boxes like the donut shop)

Now, let's dive into some tips:

Tip 1: Go Naked for Fruits & Veg

Skip those plastic bags in the produce aisle and let your fruits and veggies roam free! Toss 'em right into your basket. Bonus points for stuffing spinach into cute cotton bags. I promise, your checkout clerk will be totally chill as they weigh your apples - no need for plastic bags.

Tip 2: Buy Paper-Wrapped Loaves of Bread 

Say no to plastic-wrapped bread that lasts for ages. Grab those freshly baked loaves in paper bags instead. They're tastier and have fewer additives. Then, at home, wrap your bread up in beeswax cloths or simply a cotton towel to keep it soft for a few days. (toasting also revives your bread should it start to dry out)

Tip 3: Be Your Own Olden-Days Milkman

Ditch those plastic jugs for milk in good ol' glass bottles from local dairies. Pop your empty glass bottles in the dishwasher and get a sweet refund when you return 'em. And hey, we get it, sometimes you need those giant plastic jugs, especially with hungry teenage boys around! But we know you'll love your glass bottles in the fridge - they look cute, save the planet, and support your local farmer - now that's what we call a win-win-win.

Tip 4: Go Old-Fashioned for Soda & Juice

With soda, simply reach for cans instead of big plastic bottles. Glass bottles are where it's at for juice and water. They're way better for the environment and keep that fizz intact. At home, we simply drink tab water and fizz it up with our soda stream maker - mountains of plastic bottles saved. Now THAT's worth popping a (glass) bottle of fizzy champagne! 

Tip 5: Squeeze the Condiments Bottle Before You Buy It & Buy Only Glass

Skip the squeeze bottles and opt for condiments in good ol' glass jars. Show off your ketchup-bottle-banging skills and enjoy those family dinner memories when a big blob of ketchup lands on your plate!
And there you have it - combined these 5 steps easily eliminate half of the plastic waste you produce at home.
Plus, remember, it's not all-or-nothing. J ust aim for the plastic-free option whenever you can. You'll feel like a plastic-dodging superhero in no time!- after all, we are still smarter than the average plastic bottle! 😘
Photo courtesy to our beloved Straus Family Creamery in Northern Cal.
This is not an ad - we just love you, Straus, so much. Thank you for the great work!


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