Our Pantry Kits make it easy to set up your own gorgeous pantry. 

The kits are designed to be mixed-and-matched and are perfect for any kitchen space where you store your food: kitchen cabinets, pull-out shelves, or an "honest-to-goodness" pantry with a door!
Buy one at a time or get them all and bliss-out your entire kitchen.

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The Core Pantry Kit
The Baking Pantry Kit
The Breakfast Pantry Kit
The Snacks & Happy Hour Pantry Kit
The Me & You, Pantry for Two Kit
The Market Kit
The Spices Kit - Sets of 9
The Spices Kit - Sets of 16
The Laundry Kit
The Holiday Baking Tool Kit
The Custom Set of Spice Jars - Set of 24
The Under The Sink Set
The Fridge Container Kit
The Granita Container Kit
Face Masks Jars
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