The Core Pantry Kit

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What You get
With over 70 items, the Core Pantry includes all the jars, recipe cards and cheat-sheets you need to set up a gorgeous and practical, time-saving pantry.

The kit includes:

  • 18 Blisshaus Pantry Jars (12 tall, 6 short)
  • 18 Blisshaus Core Pantry Labels
  • 1 Blisshaus Funnel
  • 3 Blisshaus Pantry Spoons (one each: 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/8 cup) 
  • 4 Blisshaus Bulk-Bin Sacks
  • 4 Blisshaus Veggie Nets
  • 1 Blisshaus Tote
  • 24 Blisshaus Recipe Cards
  • 1 Blisshaus Shopping Checklist
  • 1 Blisshaus Pantry Set-up Instructions 

The Core Pantry includes the following labels

1. Pasta
2. Pasta
3. Pasta
4. Pasta
5. Rice
6. Risotto Rice
7. Farro
8. Polenta
9. Quinoa

10. Bean
11. Lentils
12. Split Peas
13. Couscous
14. Breadcrumbs
15. Flour
16. Corn Starch
17. Salt
18. Bouillon


Note: If you want customized labels, please please email us your custom selections after your purchase.


What You gain
We know just how busy you are. So we designed our Core Pantry with the goal to help you save time while you cut out all the wasteful packaging in your kitchen.

We've tested and perfected the pantry. We tracked the before and after. We tallied our grocery bills. And we are proud to share that the Core Pantry does it all: it helps save time, money and the planet. Best of all, once you set up this pantry you'll find that weeknight dinners are easier plus you're always ready for a few guests.

Our pantry shows you which jars to use for what pantry essentials like pasta, rice and beans, as well as salt, bouillon, etc. The container sizes are selected so that you can stock up on the core pantry items for 12 -16 weeks at a time. This way, you always have the essentials at hand while cutting tons of grocery store trips out of your schedule.

For your fresh foods like eggs, milk, veggies and fruit, we provide you with a shopping checklist so you just need one quick stop at your favorite market per week (purchase our Go-to-the-Market Kit for the ultimate set of totes and produce bags.)

Finally, the pick-your-own-adventure recipe cards give you a quick and easy way to find the inspiration and recipes for delicious dishes based on the time you have to prep - be it just 20 minutes or a full cooking extravaganza. Our Core Pantry Kit comes with the 24 seasonal California Supper recipes in their own jar so you can get cooking right away.