TIP #3: Skip milk in plastic jugs or tetra paks

Article published at: May 17, 2020 Article author: Wiebke Liu
TIP #3: Skip milk in plastic jugs or tetra paks
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... and skip that ugly plastic jug

You might be lucky enough to remember the milkman. That handsome guy who made his rounds in the neighborhood. We truly should bring him back - complete with his uniform and spiffy hat!

Short of that, s
kip the ugly plastic jugs in the dairy aisle and look for milk in glass bottles instead. The better grocers in your area likely carry one or two brands by local dairies in glass, for sure.

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This milk is more expensive than the milk in plastic jugs. But we think it's worth it because milk should be expensive and it should come in glass. Producing milk takes tons of labor, water, and land. Sometimes, if things are super cheap, there's a reason for it. Just say'n.

Note: We understand that, if you have teenage boys at home who glug up gallons of milk, you might have to buy cheap gallons of milk in plastic jugs. Remember, 'near' plastic-free is better than giving up altogether - so if you need to, use your plastic-hall-pass for the jugs and let the teenagers glug away.
Bonus Tip: Don't forget to get the $1-$2 refund on the bottle. When empty, pop your glass bottle into the dishwasher. Once clean, slip it into your grocery tote by your front door. That way, it's easy to remember to bring it back to your market for your refund.

Photo courtesy to our beloved Straus Family Creamery in Northern Cal. This is not an ad - we just love you, Team Straus, so much. Thank you for the great work!

And there you have it, another simple tip to skip the plastic.
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