Face Masks Jars

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After the smoke from the West Coast wildfires over the past week, the air is finally clean again! ⁠So quick: Grab a clean mask and go for a walk.⁠

Please use natural fabric masks that you can wash and re-use. When clean, pop them in the Clean Masks jar so everyone in your home knows they are good-to-go. ⁠

Be smart and save the N 95s for our healthcare heroes and when you must venture outside in unhealthy air. ⁠

We might not be able to stop the current wildfires, but we CAN skip plastic packaging and disposable masks that contribute to global warming which intensifies our fires.⁠⁠

So, skip disposable, plasticky masks whenever you can. ⁠

See, we love plastic when it saves lives -- not when it is misused as packaging for food that is perfectly fine in paper or even just its own peel or when it is misused for disposable convenience products.⁠

In this set you receive 2 jars, one for clean face masks and one for dirty ones that will need to be washed.

  • One Clean Masks Jar:  4" square x 6.5" tall
  • One Dirty Masks Jar:   4" square x 6.5" tall