The Me & You, Pantry for Two Kit

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What You Get
The Me & You Pantry for Two includes all the jars, containers and recipes you need to have just the right amount of food on hand for one to two. With over 60 items and easy set up instructions, you will be ready for super simple yet show-stopping meals any time.  So pop open a bottle and stay in!

PS: Parents - this is the perfect gift for your graduate.
PPS: Friends - this is a great wedding gift for the newly weds.

  • 24 Blisshaus Pantry Jars (10 tall, 14 short)
  • 24 Blisshaus Pantry Labels
  • 1 Blisshaus Funnel
  • 3 Blisshaus Pantry Spoons (one each: 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/8 cup)
  • 4 Blisshaus Bulk-Bin Sacks
  • 4 Blisshaus Veggie Nets
  • 1 Blisshaus Tote
  • 1 Blisshaus Pantry Set Up Instructions

1. Pasta
2. Pasta
3. Rice
4. Rice
5. Oats
6. Coffee
7. Flour
8. Pancake Mix
9. Crackers


10. Chips
11. Lentils
12. Beans
13. Polenta
14. Quinoa
15. Farro
16. Bread Crumbs
17. Chocolate Chips
18. Sugar
19. Almonds
20. Dried Fruit
21. Trail Mix
22. Treats
23. Salt
24. Corn Starch

What You Gain
Whether you just have moved in together or are still enjoying your own digs with only intermittent guests, our Me & You - Pantry for Two is just the right size. You'll have just enough goodies in your pantry to be able to prepare a good breakfast, host a fabulous cocktail hour, or a quick, delicious meal for 1 - 2.

So surprise yourself with a 30-minute lentil stew on your slouch-around-the-pad-alone night and wow your sweetheart with a 20-minute breakfast scones on any old morning. The recipes are right on the labels - Now there's Me & You, bliss for two!