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The Spices Kit - Sets of 16

Regular price$ 97.00 Sale price

The Spices Kit - Sets of 16

Regular price$ 97.00 Sale price
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What You Get
Our Spices Kit is one of our all-time-favorites. Gone are the days of random jars from diverse stores. Now you can create that blissful drawer dedicated to the spices that will add that special twist to your dishes. Our jars hold a traditional grocery store's jar's worth of herbs or spices. The tops are twist on & off and lined with a rubber lining for an air-tight seal. 

Our jars are 2.7" tall and 2.4" in diameter. So they are just a bit more squat and shorter than your grocery store's jars which means you can stand them upright in your drawer and still close the drawer!  (Yes, we get excited about strange details.) 

We've grouped the kit into 2 sets of 16 so you can mix & match your perfect combo. Each set includes: 

  • 16 Blisshaus Spice Jars 
  • 16 Blisshaus Spice Labels

What You Gain
Our home organization experts all agree, spices deserve a dedicated drawer. Forget those weird rickety plastic steps you put into your cabinet (notice how the front row hides the labels of the back row?)  The Blisshaus jars are streamlined to fit into even shallow drawers. We ship the spice jars empty so you can use up the spices you have currently in your home. Remember, we're all about reducing waste!  Then, when you need refills you can to the your local spice shop to refill them there. Most Whole Foods stores also sell spices in bulk now. For maximum convenience we have added the jars' tare weight on the bottom of the jars so the check-out person can deduct the weight when you pay for your refill.


Set 1 - The Home Chef Spices Kit includes:

1. Oregano
2. Thyme
3. Tarragon
4. Herbes de Provence
5. Fennel Seeds
6. Sage - Ground
7. Red Pepper Flakes
8. Paprika
9. Cayenne Pepper
10. Cumin - Ground
11. Basil
12. Dill weed
13. Celery Salt
14. Onion Powder
15. Garlic Powder
16. Black Pepper


    Set 2 - The Braising Chef's Spices Kit includes:

    1. Bay Leaves
    2. Juniper Berries
    3. Cloves - Whole
    4. Cumin Seeds
    5. Marjoram
    6. Rosemary
    7. Saffron
    8. Cajun Seasoning
    9. Chipotle Chilies
    10. BBQ Rub
    11. Sumac
    12. Curry Powder
    13. Turmeric - Ground
    14. Chinese Five Spice Powder
    15. Cardamom Pods
    16. Star Anise

    Not seeing the label you want? Just email us and we'll design it for you. We already have some of those special spices ready to go - that's right Steve, your Ghost Pepper Salt is one of them! Email us at if you'd like to replace any labels or enter them in the "notes" when you order. 



      Did you know?

      We ship all our jars and products plastic-free. Alwyas have and always will. Take that behemoth online vendors and big box stores.

      We ship ground in order to minimize our footprint. Yes, this makes us slower at times than the need-this-instantly online stores but we know our jars are worth the wait. Note that we do offset our carbon footprint with our shippers.

      We know you'll love your jars. And they will last you a lifetime. This is why we promise you a lifetime of label refreshes should your tastes change or a label get smudged in a cooking extravaganze. Email and we'll hook you up with your replacement labels

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      We ship 100% plastic-free. Always have and always will be. Take that big box stores and big fat online vendors.


      Jars are heavy - so yes, shipping costs are high. However, when we bundle jars into big boxes, you help us save shipping materials & gasoline. So we make shipping orders over $200 free to you as a thank you.

      Lifetime Membership

      Once you have your jars, we know you'll keep them forever. Literally. But if you ever need a new label, simply email us at Once a Blisshaus customers, always a Blisshaus customer.