The Fridge Container Kit

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Want to get in on the secret of how to make your fridge look stunning?
If you are tired of rifling through your fridge for leftovers or what to cook, indulge in our fridge jar kit.
The Fridge Jar Kit includes 4 of our all-time favorite glass loaf pan containers. They and simply the best when it comes to storing leftovers and your fresh ingredients.
Whether you like to cook vegan and pre-chop your veg, or if you're a carnivore and buy your special meat treat at the butcher (for yes, we DO encourage you to treat meat as a very special treat), the loaf pans help you keep your fridge organized and your food clearly visible.
The ultimate BLISSHAUS NINJA MOVE is this: store the containers in the fridge on their dedicated shelf AT-ALL-TIMES!  Even when they are empty and clean! Yep, yes. I know, it seems counter-intuitive - that this is where the magic lies. For one, you end up with a clean, chilled container when it's time to stow away the leftovers. Second, you free up cabinet and/or drawer space where you used to store leftover containers. and best of all, everybody in the family can see whether there are leftovers to eat, or ingredients to cook, or a shopping run to complete. 
Seriously, give our Blisshaus Fridge Set Up a try. you'll see. It's transformative.
Then, when you go out to the store, simply pop the loaf pan container into your shopping tote and at the meat counter, hand the dish to your butcher. Ask them to tare out the container and to place the fish or meat you're buying directly into the pan. It's as simple as placing the pan on the scale, hitting 'tare' to zero out the weight of the pan and voila! you just saved butcher paper and another plastic bag.
Best of all, when you come home, it's so satisfying to slide the pan back into its spot in the fridge.
By keeping the containers in your fridge, you eliminate wiggle room so that your roommates, be they roommates, spouses, and/or kids, don't have any space to slip in clutter messes into your fridge set up.
Our Fridge Kit includes the core set of jars to start with. Once you know exactly what you like to eat and store in the fridge, you can expand with extra jars. 
The jars are dishwasher and freezer safe. So truly they are your forever jars. Invest in them once and savor them for decades and decades to come.
The Kit includes
  • 4 loaf-pan-shaped glass containers 
  • 4 medium classic wire clasp jars
  • 2 half-liter Weck jars with lids

We include 4 medium jars so you can store your fresh veg like carrots, celery, leeks, and asparagus in water in the jars. Try it out! they'll last forever like this.  
Also, we like to store our best nuts and seeds in the fridge. They are high in oils and last way longer in cold temperatures. The wire-clasp jars are airtight, so no moisture will get to your seeds.

The 2 German Weck jars are perfect for storing fresh herbs. Simply fill the jar with water like a vase, trim your fresh herbs (you get them packaging-free at the farmers' market or from your garden,) and watch them keep fresh for weeks and weeks. We also love these jars for small amounts of leftovers and our home-made hummus and guac.

In most of our homes, we end up using 2 kits: we usually use 14 of the containers in the fridge and the extras in the freezer for frozen berries, granitas, cookie dough balls, and other treats!  


Note: the loaf-pan-shaped glass containers and the Weck jars do come with plastic lids. The plastic is food-safe and can go in the dishwasher or microwave.  Yes... we know... sigh... the plastic on these is our one, big plastic exception. We tried other lids, but those did not prove out to work for busy families. So you may use OUR plastic-hallpass for this purchase. In the end, if we get you to go to the deli counter, fish monger, and butcher with these jars, you'll end up saving a LOT of plastic week-over-week. So here's to Progress over Perfection!