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Blisshaus Bakes

At Blisshaus Bakes we show you how to bake all the recipes on our front labels.

From cookies to crackers, breads to biscuits, we'll bake them all - all plastic-free and absolutely delicious!

You'll see how simple it is to bake from the jars. Plus, it's fast, too!
You just need 15 minutes start-to-finish for our coconut macaroons! 
And even the full loaf of bread takes only 5 minutes hands-on time⁠ (not counting the time it rests peacefully in its bowl on the counter or in the pot in the oven, of course.)

The recipes are on the Blisshaus Jar labels:  Baking Jar Labels




#1 Bread 
from the Flour Label


#2 Macaroons
from the Coconut Label


 Coming soon!

#3 Watercrackers
from the Crackers Label


 Stay tuned - coming soon!