Before & After Gallery

There truly lies magic in blissing your house. Here are just some of the ways our clients describe their experience:

 "This is transformative!"
 "I feel lighter."
 "Wow, that was exhilarating!"
 "I am so happy - can you do my laundry room and closets now?"
"At first I felt embarrassed to show you my cabinets but you made me feel at ease."
"It sounds crazy, but I sleep better now!"
"My husband just told me that every time he walks by the wall of jars, he gets full body chills of joy!"
"It's amazing, my kids are so neat now. They just love putting the jars back in their place."

Full profiles of our Blisshaus families are here: Featured Blisshaus homes 

For a quick sneak peek, take a look here:

 Haus N.o1: Packing School Lunches  Haus N.o2: The Minimalista's Dream Haus N.o3: The Wall of  Joy Jars 






 Haus N.o4: The French Chic Kitchen  Haus N.o5: "Mom, Our Kitchen Looks Like a Hotel!" Haus N.o6: Three Darling Bakers' Bliss








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