Get Inspired

Get Inspired: Before & After 

Core Pantry - Before & after:                                        


Oils & Vinegar Pantry - Before & after:  



Get Inspired: Take the BlissQuiz

Are you ready to bliss your home? Take the quick quiz below to see where you fall on the bliss spectrum:

  • When you open your fridge door, do you 
    1. Cringe, because you rather not have to get your fingers sticky digging through the numerous packages including unrecognizable left overs that need to be tossed 
    2. Beam and pause a few moment to just stare at the gorgeous, soothing order
  • When guests come to help to empty the dishwasher, do they
    1. Leave most dishes on the counter because they can't quite figure out where what goes
    2. Comment on how organized you are and how pretty your cabinets look
  • When you decide to bake a treat, do you
    1. Run to the store and buy all ingredients just in case because you don't remember whether you have vanilla extract or chocolate chips handy
    2. Go to your shelf of baking ingredients and take out what you need with ease 
  • When you have surprise guests, do you
    1. Call the pizza delivery guy to place a rush order
    2. Pop open your jars with fresh nuts and olives and toast up some frozen baguette to serve with fresh cheese and your homemade (!) jalapeno jelly
  • When you're driving home after a hectic day and the kids ask "what's for dinner?", do you
    1. Stop at the grocery store and buy deli dishes
    2. Think 'what veggie do I have at home?' and 'how much time do I have?' and then make the perfect, fresh dish in just 20, 30 or 40 min

Count how often you answered with #1 vs. #2.

If you answered #1 1-2 times:
You are on your way to bliss at home. You are quite organized and ready to roll with the typical projects at home.

If you answered #1 3-4 times:
You stress about your kitchen and rather not eat in whenever you can. Thinking about your kitchen drains you and it is not a source of joy.

If you answered #1 5 times:
You need blisshaus help! Your kitchen stresses you out and is a money pit. You waste money on eating out AND on throwing out the food you bought at the store. Worse yet, your kitchen is not a reflection of your sophistication and style.