Join As a Designer or Coach

Our goal at Blisshaus is to create a vast movement of families embracing all the joys of a blissed home.
But we can't do it by ourselves, we need buddies to get families started and provide coaching where needed. This is why we are building a team of Blisshaus consultants who become the cheerleaders and coaches to our families.
And in keeping with our belief that work needs to be sustainable for all of us, we have created a model where you can join us with just a few hours a month or full-time. You can set up your Blisshaus job to generate $100s or $1000s.
Find out whether you are the stuff that our Blisshaus consultants are made of:

Blisshaus Designers 

  • Are you the one your friends call when they finally need to de-clutter their closet? 
  • Is your label maker one of your favorite toys ever?
  • Are you secretly addicted to Doodle Fit?
  • Is beautiful design a tonic to your soul?
  • Do you sort your books by color and size?

Blisshaus Coaches

  • Do you love to cook?
  • Do you love to teach?
  • Do you love to teach folks how to cook?
  • Do you love parties and book clubs?
  • Are you tired of parties where you buy more costume jewelry or scented candles that end up as clutter?

If you answer yes to these questions, join us!

Step 1:

Contact us and we will send you the starter kit with your personalized website, business cards, and the Blisshaus consultants' card set.

If you want to become a designer, we'll include the installation training kit. If you are interested in coaching, you will receive the coaching book, recruiting posters, hosting materials, order forms, and more.

Step 2:

As a designer, we'll match you up on an installation as your training session. After you're trained, you can simply log onto our calendar to check in on available installation dates. Book only those that work for you.

Step 3:

As a coach, you can dive right in by planning a Blisshaus party. 

Do you already work as an interior designer or professional organizer?  
You can expand your product and service portfolio by becoming a BlissHaus Certified Designer & Organizer.