The Team


About Wiebke

Wiebke [pronounced 'veep-kah'] grew up in Germany. She lived for 25 years in the U.S. and recently move back to London to be closer to her family in Germany and France. She is the proud mom of two busy girls and until starting Blisshaus was a senior exec at a Fortune 500 company. She loves building businesses - but at heart, she's a passionate tree hugger who wants to help heal the earth so her kids have a safe planet to live on.
As she was trying to lighten her household's load on the earth, she found it difficult to find eco-conscious products that also appealed to her sense of design and elegance. So to have it all, Wiebke created Blisshaus - marrying elegant styling with great cooking, eco-smart shopping and time-saving cheat sheets.  
She is constantly testing the Blisshaus system: Stop by her house and you're likely to find a couple of friends who've popped in for some appetizers or even a full-on impromptu dinner. Her inspiration is her dear grandma in Germany who did all this with 5 kids—and without dishwashers or laundry machines but with loads of style!

Wiebke's favorite jar: The on-the-counter flour jar complete with the no-knead bread recipe. We bake a loaf every 3-4 days!

About Danielle

Behold our master of ceremonies! Danielle is the heart and brain who coordinates all our operations and projects. She does so by bringing in all her heart and experience as mother of three and, before kids, corporate recruiter. If you are lucky, you might greet her in your own kitchen when she has a pocket of time (yeah, right) to join the makeover teams as one of our organizers.
After setting up her own Blisshaus pantry two years ago, Danielle had the chance to remodel her kitchen and designed a built-in dedicated shelves just for her Blisshaus jars.

Danielle's favorite jar: Her beautiful glass spice jars that perfectly snuggle up together in the top drawer next to her stove. 

About Andrea

Andrea joins our team as organizer on Bay Area projects. She jumps in wherever help is needed and adds her expertise from years as personal home organizer. Her passion for interior design and home styling shows through in her home and our Blisshaus makeovers.  
When she is not sorting clients' kitchens, she works for an graphic design firm in Berkeley, runs her family of four plus you'll find her literally running her two puppies in the hills around her lovely home in Piedmont, CA. 

Andrea's favorite jar: The dog treat jars that keep the pooches treats fresh and the kitchen free of hte doggie food smell.

About Julie

Julie is our multi-talented love in L.A. who will help you organize your kitchen while teaching you German and, if you dare, how to be a human beatbox! We adore Julie for her upbeat energy and her attention to detail when sorting through piles and piles of pantry bags and boxes. Maybe it's her German roots, but her precision labeling jars and styling kitchens is simply brilliant. Stick around and you might just hear her start singing while she blisses out your space. Next up, we will have to develop our own tune with her for B-B-Baa-lisshaus...

Julies' favorite jar: The S'mores Set - 3 jars complete with one jar each for marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

About Helene

When you order your own set of Blisshaus recipe cards, you will benefit from Helene's attention to detail and her prowess as queen of the kitchen. Given that she is married to a former Zuni Cafe chef, queen is truly the proper title. It was Helene and chef Stephen who helped us develop and test our pantry-ready recipes.
In addition to pouring over our recipes, Helene helps Blisshaus with search marketing and site optimization. 

Helen's favorite jar: Her jar with home-dried mushrooms foraged last spring by her kids and husband in the Oakland Hills. 

About Emi

Emi is our resident Mari Kondo organizer and one of our Blisshaus-certified leads in the Bay Area. Emi combines her passion for organization and design in her work with Blisshaus. She leads our teams to create to-die for kitchens and will help you rid of your clutter and plastic along the way. Emi's kitchen at home is one of our international pantries that are under development.  Emi, her husband and son, live in Oakland but travel back to Japan quite often. Her kitchen is stocked with loads of bonito flakes, udon and ramen noodles, different types of rice and all sorts of Japanese goodies. Stay tuned for our Japanese labels, too!

Emi's favorite jar: Her jars with her stockpile of seaweed brought home from visits to her grandma in Japan.

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a lead designer for our teams in the Bay Area.  When she analyzes a kitchen and develops our action plan, she uses her talents as a painter and graphic artist to sketch the layout and design gorgeous spaces. Jennifer has two kids and brings her know-how as mom and yogi to her work. Her insights into nutrition are just what you need when setting up detox pantries. She also loves teas, so if you want a tea station, she's your woman.

Jennifer's favorite jar: The super-dark chocolate jar since it's a detox indulgence.

About Alexis

Alexis is one of the sharpest minds we've ever met. She grew up in Detroit and earned herself a full-ride to Williams College. She is passionate about finding a way to build a just world that does no harm to nobody - picture smart homes with self-healing windows and closed-looped grids that generate all a family needs!  At Blisshaus, Alexis completed her apprenticeship in start-up operations plus she worked on many, many graphic design projects. We miss her presence on the West Coast, but love that she's back home and still working on our design projects when she has extra time.

Alexis' favorite jar: The jar in which we will mix up the perfect cocktail of sustainability, justice and freedom for each of us, no matter the hue or orientation.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is our Blisshaus lead on the East Coast. When she comes to your home to sort your kitchen, laundry room and more, you'll swoon in her South Carolina charm and wit. She is the most caring, sweet person who understands any mess (she did raise a rambunctious boy, after all). Plus, she has the can-do attitude that is true to the strong yet gracious women of South. Elizabeth loves travel and will fly out to your home wherever it may be.

Elizabeth's favorite jar: Her set of sun tea jars for true Southern comfort.

About Nicole

Nicole is the quintessential Blisshaus momma, marketeer, maker, and manager of all things digital. Her passion for bringing joy to people's lives manifested itself in her launching her Little Idea Shoppe. Here she wows her customers with her style & crafty design skills to plan and make your events, be it a party or a wedding, just drop-dead gorgeous.  Do check out her custom-made balloons!  At Blisshaus, she helps us expand our brand in the real and digital world plus she manages our product development (just wait 'til you see our app!) Perhaps our favorite thing she does for us is to share her babies Landon & Luna with us. They are just too cute.

Nicole's favorite jar: The Little Idea Shoppe jar filled to the brim with extra large paper confetti.

About Laura

You probably already know Laura - because Laura is the most charming connector with the biggest heart who seems to know everybody. When Laura is not busy connecting people who need to meet each other, she applies her talent as a producer to keeping all the balls of her and her dear husband, John's, life in the air.  As such, she's our ultimate product tester - putting the Blisshaus kitchen to work with her three kids, puppy and countless gatherings of friends and family.  When everybody is at work/school, Laura now drives our business development and sales team.

Laura's favorite jar: The individual candy jars for each of her three kids - no more fights about whose candy is whose!

About Josh

Josh is part of the founding team of Blisshaus and is one of our first Blisshaus organizers. He now lives in London and helps us with research on how to live plastic-free in the UK. Living the Blisshaus way first in the U.S. and then the U.K. has been an eye-opening experience. While the Americans all think it's so, so hard to kick the plastic habit, they haven't seen anything until they try living without plastic in England... boy! However, new bulk bin stores are popping up across London and legislation is pointing the right way. We're ready to help when the Londoners are ready to bliss out.  

Josh's favorite jar: The brined olives jar in the fridge for the perfect Belvedere martinis.

About Suzanne

Talk about beauty and benevolence: Even in her days as a super model, Suzanne blessed us all not only with her stunning looks but also her example of sustainable living. Her international travels let her see the world, with its beauty and its vulnerability. She learned how other cultures live with less wasteful habits and integrated them into her everyday life.
Now Suzanne lives lightly in Los Angeles together with her daughter, dog and an entire bin of worms who compost for her. She is our expert on how to balance doing the right thing for the environment while keeping things real as a single mom of a rather picky eater.

Suzanne's favorite jar: All of them.

About Rhetta

Rhetta is the quintessential career woman with charm galore living in a small, but precious, flat in the heart of San Francisco. When she is not busy managing marketing campaigns for innovative companies and helping develop beloved brands like Plum, Rhetta meets her friends for coffee, does yoga and hikes the nearby hills. Her know-how shines through in the quality of our products, and much of our process design came from her memories of how her grandma used to manage her kitchen on the cotton farm back home in South Carolina. One of Rhetta's goals is to travel to the island of plastic in the Pacific herself and report back on why we all need to make every home a Blisshaus.

Rhetta's favorite jar: The mixed nuts jars which let her look like the hostess with the mostest when visitors pop by. 



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