Natural Bee's Wax Wrap

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Kick the plastic wrap habit with our favorite Bee's Wax Wrap. 

It keeps our bread and veggies fresh. Simply wrap the goods, hold with your hands and the earth of your pam molds the wrap to the item you covering. You will be set to go in just a few seconds. (And yes, you'll be fine even if your fingers always are cold, you should feel Wiebke's handshake.)

We find our bread lasts longer in the wrap - a loaf will stay soft for as much as a week (of course, our kids gobble them up usually faster than that). We wrap cut lemons, cabbage, avocados, our cheese and whatever else need to be stored. We even cut the wrap into tiny squares and seal our green smoothie bottle with them.

We like to keep just one size around - the large bread wrap - and cut it into smaller sizes only if needed.  Wrap measures 17" x 23".