Chain Mail Pot Scrubber

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Our chain mail scrubber is everybody's favorite, and if you're a GOT fan, you can pretend it's part of your armor. 

Now that we are all cooking a lot at home, the chain mail scrubber is a must!

It works brilliantly on cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans, and even your grill pan.

Here's how you clean your pots & pans completely without plastic sponges or harsh chemicals:

  • Simply soak your pots and pans with water
  • Then grab your chain mail scrubber and scrub off all the bits
  • Now, pop the scrubber into your dishwasher - it'll come out sparkling clean every time

Et voila: Your pots are clean, and your sponges are still nice because you haven't gunked them up with pan grease. Plus, the planet thanks you for not adding plastic sponges or harsh cleaners to the world!

We like to keep our chain mail scrubber in its very own jar labeled 'Chain Mail Scrubber,' of course.

It'll fit perfectly into your utensils drawer, or you can tuck it into your spice drawer. It also looks awesome next to your sink or simply keep it by your Under-the-Sink set-up. 

The chain mail is made from stainless steel and will not rust. So, it will last you a lifetime and then some. 

Oh, and yes, the chain mail scrubber is NOT for non-stick pans. Their coating might get scratched and come off.
But hey, you decluttered your kitchen and ditched the non-stick pan anyhow, didn't you? We really are NOT fans.
We prefer stainless steel and cast iron pans - and with the chain mail scrubber, you will not even care if some of your egg sunny side up is stuck to them - it'll all scrub right off.