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What You Get
Ready to hit the bulk bins and stock up on your favorite pasta? 
To make that easy and plastic-free, just bring your Blisshaus bulk bin bags. 

Our bags are made from organic cotton and are perfect for buying from bulk bins or produce at the farmers' market. This set includes 4 bags you can add to your Blisshaus Market Kit.

The Produce Bags are a nice and stretchy cotton mesh.  The Bulk-Bin Sacks are a solid cotton weave so you can even put fine items like salt or flour in them.
The Bulk-Bin Sacks include our Blisshaus fill lines so you know exactly how much to buy for your medium or tall Blisshaus jars. Oh, and the Jumbo Jars hold 2x what the tall jar holds. So when you want to stock up on pasta, just fill two bags up to the tall jar line.

  • 2 Produce Bags
  • 2 Bulk-Bin Sacks

For extra convenience, the Tare weights are printed on each bag so your grocer can quickly deduct them when checking you out. 

You can wash the bags in your normal load of laundry and even put them in the dryer.  We find we don't have to wash them very often, since we mostly just load them with dry ingredients.