Puppy's Hemp Chew Toy

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Endorsed by our Blisshund, Juni the Berner Pup:

The Blisshund Hemp Rope Chew Toy is Paws-Down the best doggie toy ever! The rope knot is perfect for chewing, playing tug-of-war and, of course, fetch.  

We hand-tie them in California and South Carolina out of 100% organic hemp rope. There’s something about the hempy, straw-like smell... simply irresistible to pup’

Of course, it’s completely plastic-free and compostable once your pooch has destroyed it. Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is a rambunctious 18-month-old who chews like crazy - but it still takes her months and months to polish off her rope knot. At the end of 6 months, she manages to unfurl the knot and chews on the rope as if it's the most delicious licorice.

So say goodbye to all those polyester-filled chew toys your dog tears apart within days. Our rope toy outlasts 10 of them easily- making it a bargain compared to what you throw away on the plasticky toys. Plus your dog can walk proud now in the knowledge he/she is not spreading plastic fluff over this lovely planet.

Now there’s something to wag your tail about!