Puppy's Hemp Chew Toy

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Once you catch the plastic-free Blisshaus bug, it's hard to stop just in the kitchen. One place that's stuffed to the rim with plastics and polyester is the pet shop. So we set out to find chew toys and puppy treats that are plastic free and make your puppy's tail wag in delight.

First up: our hand-tied organic hemp rope tug-of-war knot.  We make them in our Blisshaus workshop in two sizes: the small one for the cutie-lap-snuggle-puppies and the large one for our big-dawg-loves.

The hemp rope comes from Europe and is never treated with any chemicals and 100% compostable. The smell of the natural hemp oils is divine... if you have a dog nose :-).  Each knot is tied from over 9 feet of rope and will last your pup for months and months.

We tested the knots on several dogs. The heaviest chewer of them is Juno, our 18 month-old Bernese Mountain Dog.  Her hemp rope knot lasts her for over 6 months. Then it slowly unfurls and she chews on it as if it's the most delicious licorice.