Scoop - 5oz

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This scoop is perfect for grabbing a 1/2 cup of flour from your Blisshaus Big Flour Jar or just a tiny dash of sugar out of the sugar bowl. They are cast from aluminum, so they are shiny and smooth as can be (just don't put them into the dishwasher - the aluminum will otherwise oxidize with the salts of the dishwasher soap).

We were amazed ourselves by how delightful it is to have these scoops handy in your flour jar right on your counter. From dusting the countertop before rolling out your dough to helping you bread your cutlets before frying them - we wouldn't want to live without them ever again!  We keep one in each big cookie jar filled with all-purpose flour, sugar and whole wheat flour.

NOTE: This scoop is designed to fit our Countertop Jar collection.