Soap Bottle Set

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Style and sustainability come together with the Blisshaus sink set-up. This set includes two sponges, a German scrubber brush and two of our favorite soap bottles (soap not included).

The sponge is cellulose-based so fully compostable when done.  Pop them into the dishwasher to disinfect them and get extra use out of them.

The scrubber brush lasts us 2+ years and then it, too, goes into the compost as it is totally plastic-free.  The short, nubby handle is perfect for hard scrubbing. 

The soap bottle has the perfect, slow drizzle so you don't overdo it with the soap. 
Fill the bottle with 1/2 dish soap and 1/2 water. This makes the soap runny enough for the dispenser tip. Diluting the soap doubles the volume and washes plenty well.

We recommend filling soap bottles with castile soap. It is 100% plant-based and free of synthetics and artificial anything.  Castile soap is perfect for dishes and hands and even floors and bodies... you name it!  Childrens' Hospital uses castile soap to bathe their little cancer patients pre-op - so it's safe for the most sensitive skin.

Some co-ops sell castile soap in bulk so you can refill plastic-free.  If you can't find that, buying a jug of castile will save a ton of plastic compared to buying individual soap squeeze-bottles. 

Kit includes:

2 soap bottles (mix half soap and half water - soap not included)

1 scrubber brush

2 sponges

1 tray