Blisshaus #3: The Practical Baker's Station

Article published at: Apr 13, 2018 Article author: Wiebke Liu
Blisshaus #3:  The Practical Baker's Station
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This family of four cooks & bakes all the time - to keep the wood-fired oven churning out pizza and bread and their three coffee houses serving up amazing dishes.




Tell us about your family:

We have two girls, 9 and 11 plus our dog and 3 chickens in the yard. My husband and I run 3 local coffeeshops plus I am a life and business coach. 

Why did you blisshaus your kitchen?

I develop all recipes for our coffeeshops where we serve warm breakfasts, lunches and casual dinners. As the chief recipe developer, I cook in our kitchen all the time. Plus, we added a wood-fired pizza oven when we moved into our house - so we bake pizza and bread all the time, too. So our kitchen is always stuffed with loads of ingredients. The Blisshaus jars promised getting it all organized.

What was the experience like?

As a professional chef, I am very picky what I keep where and how my layout in the kitchen was. You let me help hands-on during the makeover which was perfect for me: I got to keep things the way I like them plus you offered some great, new ideas. It took us only one afternoon, which was excellent since I need the kitchen for work.

What was the biggest surprise about your makeover?

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to store all the foods I keep with the jars. But I was amazed by how efficient the layout was and everything found a spot!

What is your family cooking routine?

We cook at home all the time plus we entertain constantly. The kitchen and cooking is the pivot point in our family life. On top of that, I use the kitchen to develop and test dishes for our coffeeshops.

How do you grocery shop now?

For fresh produce, we always have been loyal farmer's market shoppers plus I am the buyer for our coffeeshops. I am adamant about trying to buy organic and local as much as our economics allow. Blisshaus fits in perfectly! I can't wait to go to the co-op and stock up on my staples for the next 4-6 months in one big trip.

What is the best part about your Blisshaus kitchen?

Blisshaus is such a natural part of our life. We can barely remember our lives pre-jars!


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