Blisshaus Recipe: Granola Bars

Article published at: Jan 8, 2017 Article author: Wiebke Liu
Blisshaus Recipe: Granola Bars
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Granola bars

Granola is probably the original bulk-bin item in most stores. Even if a store does not carry bulk flours or pastas, you might just find bulk granola and dried fruits & nuts. 

So let's take advantage of buying the ingredients for granola bars plastic-free, not to mention at a way lower-per-pound-price.

And then, go to town whipping up your personal granola bars.  Add goji berries, flax seeds, chopped up apricots, coconut flakes... you name it.

The kids like to scale up on the honey & sugar, go figure. But we have a jar of mommy & daddy's granola bars that are super low on sugar and oh-so-good.

Let us know what your favorite recipe is!



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