Bread at Home - Easy and Plastic-Free

Article published at: Apr 25, 2020 Article author: Wiebke Liu
Bread at Home - Easy and Plastic-Free
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As you huddle at home, try baking a loaf bread to pass the time. 
It's easier than you think. In fact, it's pure magic.

Simply mix plain, old flour, a wee bit of salt, yeast, and water and to see the lump of dough transform into a crusty, delicious loaf. We promise you, your bread will be worthy of a prime spot in an artisanal bakery.
Mix the dough in the evening, let it sit overnight, and bake in the morning. 
And voila! You'll have the most divine bread for lunch!
Here is our Blisshaus Label with the recipe:



We mix the dough with a wooden spoon and pop that spoon in the dishwasher. You won't even have to wash your hands ('cause we're all doing plenty of that!)
Use the heaviest pot with a tight-fitting lid. Place the pot with its lid in the oven to pre-heat the oven AND the pot. Then, when the oven is super hot, pull out the pot, sprinkle in some polenta as your edible, non-stick coating, and plop in the dough. This plopping in part is best done by an adult since the pot is so, super, crazy hot.
Then cover the pot with the lid and place the whole thing into the oven. You basically are creating a mini oven in your oven by using the pot. The moisture of the bread will stay in the pot and automatically create the steam needed to produce that amazing crust.
When the bread is a nice, chestnut brown, check it's temperature. The bread is done at 200 Fahrenheit (93 Celcius.)  Pull the bread out of the pot and let it rest on a cooling rack. 

To store your bread, wrap it in a sheet of parchment paper and then seal it in our favorite beeswax wrap

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When you have a moment, do post a photo of your bread and tag us at #blisshaus. 

Wishing you blissful moments in your home during these difficult days,
- Wiebke & the Blisshaus Crew

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