Blisshaus #2: Stepping Up Living Clean

Article published at: Apr 13, 2018 Article author: Wiebke Liu
Blisshaus #2: Stepping Up Living Clean
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A mindful mom who knows her way around clean living adds Blisshaus to get things organized and more zen-ful.








Tell us about your family:

There are four of us plus our two dogs.  My kids go to two different schools so coordinating schedules is super fun, if you know what I mean. 

Why did you blisshaus your kitchen?

I have been using clean living tools for a long time now.  So when I found Blisshaus, I knew it would fit right into my vision for our home. I had started my pantry with a few jars, but it wasn't staying organized. The Blisshaus system helped us lock in the order and cut out the packaging that always let the mess sneak in. 

What was the experience like?

When you did the kitchen, I couldn't believe my eyes. Everything was so organized and beautiful. That's when I call you to come back and do the same magic with our closets and laundry room. The transformation is amazing.

What was the biggest surprise about your makeover?

You reorganized our dishes in the kitchen so that my kids can reach the plates and cups. It's so much easier to have them help set the table now.

What is your family cooking routine?

We have our favorite dishes and I am so thrilled to cook them now from our beautiful jars rather than having to rifle though opened boxes and baggies of stuff.  Once things slow down, I want to try the recipes on the labels, too.

How do you grocery shop now?

We used a mix of food boxes that get delivered and runs to the local coop. My husband sometimes still has these shopping splurges where he buys 30 cans of tuna or whatever else his current favorite is. The Blisshaus team actually created space in the cabinets and pantry for this! 

What is the best part about your Blisshaus kitchen?

We love so much about it. My kids love the cereal jars right at their eye-level. My husband loves that his go-to items are all in one spot now. I love the order serenity it created for me. Only my house keeper is still hesitant to fill jars - I think she feels a little intimidated by the perfect set up. But the Blisshaus team is coming back to demystify the routine for her.



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