Blisshaus #1: Packing School Lunches

Article published at: Apr 12, 2018 Article author: Wiebke Liu Article tag: Kitchen Makeover
Blisshaus #1: Packing School Lunches
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This family of four in Berkeley discovers that 64 cups of nuts are just too many...




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Tell us about your family:

We are a family of four with a 10-year old daughter and 13-year old son. 

Why did you blisshaus your kitchen?

As a working mom, I am always rushed. So it's essential that I can find things quickly. Also, I rely on my kids helping with chores in the kitchen. They are in charge of unloading the dishwasher and packing their own school lunch.  With us being so busy, it was just natural that over time, our cabinets and drawers had become over-crowded and jumbled.

When I saw my friend's Blisshaus kitchen I knew instantly that this was what we needed.

What was the experience like?

At first, I was nervous about letting you peek into our cabinets. Some of them were so messy with all sorts of stuff mixed together. But you put me at ease and I was so relieved to realize that I didn't have to stick around and help you with the cleanup.

And wow, did you guys deliver. The big reveal was stunning. Our cabinets are so gorgeous now. And you helped up declutter and organize our things. Finally, I don't have to pull out my griddle from below the kitchen bench whenever we want to use it.

What was the biggest surprise about your makeover?

The Blisshaus team found 64 (!!!) cups of nuts in our cabinets, plus 32 cups of pretzels, not to mention all those crackers and granola bars. Crazy! Granted, my husband is 6'3" and our 13-year old eats non-stop, but that was still way too much.

What is your family cooking routine?

My husband and I both work. He goes to his office and I consult, so I work from home and sometimes go to client offices. So we just eat breakfast at home and then all of us run off to school and work. Our big family meal are our dinners - though not every day of the week due to the kids' sports team.

When we do get together for dinner, we cook together quite a bit. I love baking and make pizza from scratch about once a week. We grow our own vegetables in our backyard and so we end up with massive amounts of beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and squash plus a bunch of herbs. We use whatever veggies are ready in the garden to top the pizzas or just to mix them into a salad or into a sauce for pasta. We do have Japanese-cooking kicks where we cooked our own Miso soup and Soba.  Amazingly, Blisshaus had all the correct labels from Wakame to Bonito Flakes. Best of, now I have the recipe right on the jar and no more dried fish flakes falling out of the open bags.

How do you grocery shop now?

We used to make big shopping trips to Costco. But ever since the Blisshaus makeover, we realized that we completely over-purchased food there just because it seemed like a good deal.  Now we go to Berkeley Bowl, the local coop with bulk bins, every other week and stop once a week at the small neighborhood store for fresh bread, eggs, milk, and meat. 

What is the best part about your Blisshaus kitchen?

We love so much about it. My husband loves the order. I love saving all the time and money by doing less grocery shopping. We love wasting less food.  But the best part is that the kids now have their very own school snack station. It's awesome. They know exactly where everything is and put stuff back where it belongs. No more 'mom, where is my thermos' or 'there is nothing to eat' in the mornings! It's heaven.





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