Lonny Magazine x Blisshaus

By Angela Tafoya

What’s creeping in the back of your cabinets? Old boxes of mac-and-cheese or expired cans of beans or how about dishes that haven't seen the light of day in years?

Well, if we’re being transparent here, that’s what we (shamefully) had in ours. But, in the vein of "new year, new beginnings" mantra, we’re cleaning up our kitchens from the inside out.

Thanks to pro Wiebke Liu of Blisshaus, a service that turns crowded, cluttered kitchens into streamlined havens of sustainability, we've got a handful of tips that will leave your kitchen feeling lighter and more approachable than ever.

Whether it's tossing products that have reached their shelf life or arranging items by ceramic and glass, prepare to walk away with a very Pinterest-worthy kitchen.