Thrive Global - Finding Bliss: Sustainable Living Solutions for Your Family

Article published at: Aug 5, 2020 Article author: Wiebke Liu Article tag: Family
Thrive Global  -  Finding Bliss: Sustainable Living Solutions for Your Family
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“The kitchen is the heart of the home,” explains Wiebke Liu, “It’s where we nurture our bodies with food and our minds with family time.” Through her company Blisshaus, Wiebke provides eco-friendly pantry solutions and services to families across the country and helps make this central space as sustainable as it is comforting. 

Inspired by the jars of fresh food that had neatly lined her grandmother’s cabinets during her childhood, Wiebke decided to entirely rid her kitchen of plastic when she renovated her home in 2016. Soon after, she realized the positive impact this change had on the health and well-being of her family, and she left her position as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company to create Blisshaus and empower others to do the same. 

“Cluttered cabinets prevent families from finding inspiration to cook healthy and delicious foods together,” Wiebke points out. As a result, many turn to processed foods and miss out on the bonding time awarded by cooking together and the nutrients that fresh ingredients provide. “Plus, just walking into a messy space causes mental stress,” Wiebke confesses.

The simplicity of Blisshaus transforms cooking from a stressful chore to an activity that connects families. “As a result of Blisshaus, families prepare meals together more often, nurturing their bodies with home-cooked dishes, strengthening emotional bonds by spending time with each other, and enjoying mental peace in the neat, clean space,” Wiebke says, “It’s amazing how Blisshaus leads to not only more beauty in the home but also more joy.” 

When families choose Blisshaus for their home makeovers, they’re also making a shift that benefits the planet tremendously. “Our Blisshaus kitchens allow families to break their plastic addiction,” Wiebke shares, “We’re choking our planet to death with our plastic waste, and, in the end, top-down regulations can’t be relied on to heal our planet. We need to ignite the fire in each and every one of us to live lighter and more beautifully on this earth. Blisshaus makes this way of life fun and simple.”

The environmental issues we face today are daunting, but reducing our reliance on plastic is one small way we can all make a big difference. Wiebke challenges readers to try to ditch plastic for a month. “You’ll see how eye-opening it is. This one rule can lead you to a whole new way to thrive!”


— Published on July 10, 2020

Article By  Taylor Mercuri | July 10, 2020 |

Photos by Wiebke Liu, Blisshaus

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