Article published at: Mar 20, 2016 Article author: Wiebke Liu
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The Webster’s definition of Bliss is “complete happiness” and “paradise, heaven.”

The definition of Haus is “house in German” - but you already knew that!

So what is Blisshaus? It’s the shift from a house full of things to a home full of joy and happiness.

In Blisshaus we join together to create beautifully styled houses that are filled with the joy of perfect happiness. 

When we bliss-out a home, we edit out the noise of too much stuff, too cluttered drawers, and too messy cabinets. The result is that we free physical, and - amazingly - mental space, for the things that bring you true bliss: relaxing in the beauty of your clean home, cooking and eating with your friends and family, enjoying exercise and nature, having more time to pursue your passions, crafting tokens of appreciation and love, plus celebrating life - together. 

In short, as we blisshaus our homes, we make it simpler to create moments and memories of happiness. 

And a blissed-out home makes us realize just how little stuff we actually need to achieve that joy (contrary to what the retailers’ marketing machines made us believe.)
Which is where the global impact of Blisshaus comes in: Once we all realize how to simply create moments of bliss, we end up taking care not just of our individual homes but also of our larger, shared home, Planet Earth. The average Blisshaus home produces up to 90% less packaging and food waste and saves up to 60% in grocery bills. 

So you save money while saving the planet and looking stylish. Now there’s true bliss! 

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