Almost perfect is better than perfect

Article published at: Jul 3, 2016 Article author: Wiebke Liu
Almost perfect is better than perfect
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At Blisshaus we are going for near-zero waste. Why 'near-zero' waste?  Cause we'd rather have you try your best than give up all together because of an unattainable goal.

Yes, most of the Blisshaus homes aspire to get to zero waste, but we encourage you not to beat yourself up about not getting it perfectly right. Yes, the A+ is glorious, but if that means you'll quit as soon as you slip once, just go for the B.

In the end, when you cut out almost all your packaged goods from your shopping lists, you will move the needle noticeably. No need to go for perfect - no need to go for zero waste.

Only 10% of your old waste is brilliant - you've just cut out 90% of your junk. Heck, we'll take a 80% reduction - that's still pretty perfect.

Especially, if that goal keeps you going and even more so, if that keeps it fun and makes you share your blisshaus habits with your friends.

Our movement will fail, if you quit your new blisshaus routines at the first few times of caving into the temptation to buy an oh-so-convenient container of grated parmesan or the hermetically wrapped sting cheese your kids have been whining for. 

Go ahead. Cave in. Allow yourself the 10% slip.
We are not about perfection - we are about bliss and sharing it and supporting each other to rebuild habits that are less full-of-harm and more full-of-joy.

So, be almost perfect. Do reach for that bucket of ice cream (preferable the carton type that can go into the compost) and don't give up on moving the needle by 80%-90% everyday.

If only 1% of the US populations decides to be almost perfect, that's 3,000,000 people. And if they eliminate 80% of their garbage - not even 100%, we'll cut out an incremental 5,800,000 pounds of garbage a DAY!
That's over 2 billion pounds of garbage a year - or 1 million tons! 

1 million tons of garbage each year takes up the space of 10 football fields. That's landfills not filled - that's you being almost perfect, which is pretty perfect in our eyes!  
Go ahead, be almost perfect and proudly share your 'B' as in bliss! 



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