TIP #2: Skip Plastic-Wrapped Bread

Article published at: May 17, 2020 Article author: Wiebke Liu
TIP #2: Skip Plastic-Wrapped Bread
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... because fresh is fresher


Bread in Bees Wax Wrap

To skip plastic, simply switch to the freshly baked loaves that come in paper bags.
Chances are, you're already suspicious of the plastic-wrapped loaves that last for months. So are we. 
The fresh loaves in paper likely have fewer additives and, if you're lucky, yours might still be warm from the oven.

We know, we know - you're thinking "but that bread goes hard as a rock in a day or two." That's where our beeswax wrap comes in: At home, use the wrap to keep your bread soft for days. The warmth of your hands will mold the wrap to the shape of your bread - divine!
We like to line the wrap with a sheet of parchment so your wrap stays neat longer. Each wrap lasts us several years. When it doesn't hold shape anymore, simply compost it.
You can also cut a big wrap into smaller sheets and use them to wrap sandwiches for to-go lunches. We also use them to 
store our cheese in the fridge. Simply wrap the sandwich or cheese in parchment paper first and then use beeswax wrap to keep the bundle tight.

Bonus Tip: To wash the wrap, spread it in the sink and rinse it with cold water plus a bit of soap. Scrub with a scrubber brush and hang to dry. Don't use warm water, since it'll melt the wax.

And there you have it, another simple tip to skip the plastic.
Show us a photo of your bread all cozied-up in beeswax wrap: Tag us at #blisshaus or send your photo to hello@blisshaus.com.
We love to see & share how all of us are healing our planet one kitchen, one trip to the store at a time!

Wishing you many blissful moments in your home,
- Wiebke & the Blisshaus Crew

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