TIP #1: Shop Naked!

Article published at: Nov 3, 2019 Article author: Wiebke Liu
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... especially when it comes to your fruits and veggies

As you know, we have just one rule for the grocery store:

Just...   skip...   the...  plastic!  
Simple, yes. Easy? Not so much.

But plastic-free shopping is possible! 
Here is one easy tip for your next trip to the store:
Put your fruits & veggies loose into your basket... completely naked - gasp! 

There's no need for that plastic baggie to buy your apples or carrots even if it's a so-called 'compostable' bag.

Fruits and veggies come with skins and peels that are perfect for transporting them home. You end up rinsing or peeling the skin anyhow. 

For loose-leaf spinach, lettuce mix, or other small fruit like cherries, bring a cotton bag (or grab a paper bag) to corral the lot. 

If you have to weigh your produce, pop the sticky label onto your shopping bag or even arm for the checkout. Your kids might think you're silly (mine do), but the checker will be cool with it.
To make your plastic-free shopping super simple (and stylish!), try our market kit. 

The kit includes cotton grain sacks and produce bags to help you shop for little items like arugula and sugar snap peas. 

All the big veggies can go home in the large tote all co-mingled - naked - wow... you might end up with some veggie romance. 

Bonus Tip: 
Tuck your empty grain sacks and paper bags into the large tote bag after you have unloaded them at home. Then place the tote by your front door, so you can grab it next time you head out. We leave ours in the car to always have it handy when we're out and about.

And there you have it, one simple tip to skip the plastic.

Show us a photo of your basket at the check-out line: Tag us at #blisshaus or send us your photo to hello@blisshaus.com.

We love to see & share how all of us are healing our planet one kitchen, one trip to the store at a time!
Wishing you many blissful moments in your home,
- Wiebke & the Blisshaus Crew

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