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FREE SHIPPING with orders of $200+ in the continental U.S.A.


Once we eliminated the plastic from our food stuff, we couldn't help it but get rid of it wherever we could.  Here we tally our favorite solutions curated for you from around the globe. We track our shipping footprint and will plant trees to offset each mile covered.


We ship 100% plastic-free. Always have and always will be. Take that big box stores and big fat online vendors.


Jars are heavy - so yes, shipping costs are high. However, when we bundle jars into big boxes, you help us save shipping materials & gasoline. So we make shipping orders over $200 free to you as a thank you.

Lifetime Membership

Once you have your jars, we know you'll keep them forever. Literally. But if you ever need a new label, simply email us at Once a Blisshaus customers, always a Blisshaus customer.